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Co-Owner & Trainer

KC Singleton

KC has owned and trained dogs  that  includes  guardian breeds, herding Breeds and toy breeds.

KC Singleton has been actively involved in many facets of the canine world for the past thirty (30)years. He is a certified and registered Veterinarian Technician (RLAT) with 14 years of practical experience. He

has previously served as sole Rabies Microbiologist for the city of Houston and 42 counties in the Southern

Region of Texas.

Additionally, he has judged various dog events and shows, also as Lead Conformation Judge for the

Bully Cup Association (BCA), and  has worked alongside the ABKC

(American Bully Kennel Club), conducting Obedience competitions at sanctioned events.

As a Professional Canine Trainer, KC has  conducts canine awareness and Obedience training seminars  

for canine enthusiasts along the Gulf-coast region. He has also competed and trained for 

Canine Protection Sports.

KC is a member and trainer for the Bayou Spirit K9 Club of New Orleans. 

KC has owned and trained dogs  that  includes, guardian breeds, herding Breeds and toy breeds.

Canine education:

KC has obtained certification through Lone Star College for Dog Training and Canine Psychology under

the tutelage of Mr. Anthony Bruins/ NASA Scientist. He has trained under the mentorship of Professional Dog trainer Wade Ford. KC is a Certified Regional Decoy for The Civil Unrest Organization.  He has attended numerous seminars conducted by world class Dog trainers and Behaviorist. 

Additionally, KC has dedicated time to rehabilitating dogs for local animal shelters, and is currently

rehabilitates Bull Terriers for the Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club and rescue.

Throughout KC’s adventurous yet productive and rewarding career in the canine industries, he has

become quite familiar with multiple dog breeds, and understands what makes them tick if you will. 

He began his research many years ago on origin and behavior of the common domesticated dogs and rare breeds.

KC has worked in the veterinarian and kennel industry for many years and has engaged in animal behavior. 

He came to realize that dogs have a communication far greater than what researchers have yet to expose. He

observed a lack of psychological communication between pet dogs and their owners. 

He has always wondered why so many  animals end up in shelters.

His theory; it’s directly attributed to a lack of communication and education on the dogs and breed behavior. 

Both dogs and humans must communicate to understand each other. Not only must dogs communicate with

humans, but they also have to communicate properly with each other. Dogs and humans follow a "Pack Order". If the dogs understands their place in the hierarchy, then it’s ability to adapt will improve communications and ultimately increase positive behaviors.

This is called Pack Order Training (P.O.T.).

KC is the founder of P.O.T. and his philosophy is learn to think and act like a dog, then the dog will

respond accordingly.

This philosophy led KC down the road to Canine Psychology, thus creating a newer innovative approach to dog training.