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We are a locally owned\operated dog psychology and training center located in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Our certified Trainers and Behaviorists have extensive experience training in the following areas: 

  • Dog Obedience
  • Behavior Modification
  • Therapy dogs 
  • Rescue dogs
  • Show quality level dogs.

We use the Pack Order Training method which was founded by our Director of Training, KC  Singleton.  We provide state of the art obedience and behavior modification.

We train ALL DOG BREEDS in obedience levels Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced; no matter age, shape, or size.   We offer Mobile training, Group Classes, and Private Lessons. 

We are gearing up to present the public with an array of canine information and philosophies of dog training. 


40% of dogs in the shelters were misunderstood, because of human error. 

Pack Order Training (POT)


You can learn to communicate with your dog.

Most dog owners want a dog to listen and understand what they ask of them. 


Pack Order Training

Does your dog understand his/her place in the Pack?


Save yourself from losing your mind.

Canis Integrated Behavior Solutions can help you and your loving companion to coexist in a happier home.

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